Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November Air

*Whistle* * Whistle* * Whistle*.... it is all I am hearing outside the window. Where has autumn gone? It may be leaving us behind, but many comforting things help me prepare for the cold winter season. If we were each to create a list of survival techniques of how to prepare for the cold winds to blow over our autumn air, and cover our land in white crystals ; this is what helps me most. we wait patiently for the first snowfall I have assembled a collage of things I found to sum up what this world have blessed us with. 

The boys & awkwardly loveable Jess never disappoint
a good end to a Tuesday night. 

Joining their adventures always soothes me.
....and as for Blair... well its self explanatory. 

Since my dad presented this fresh pumpkin cranberry bread
 to me stuffed with fluffy cream
cheese during a ski trip last year it's a staple to
my comfort food.

I recently discovered a sugarless version of this fall
classic.... I am ashamed to say " present this
in front of me and it will be gone within 5 min".

Bundles of wool & knit are my weakness.
What better way to enjoy a movie then a fat, wooly,
sweater & peanut butter cups?

What do you find to comfort you during these gloomy, cold days? 

And of course I cannot end this post without a few of my favourite tunes of the season :

 Broken Bells:
Stumbled on one lonely youtube night.
Now we are inseparable. 

Mylo Xyloto is their best album yet & Paradise
is on repeat settings on my Ipod.

Architecture in Helsinki:
Their fun, quirky tunes make long days do-able. 

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