Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jump Start

No internship is easy. I hear that repetitively from my neighbours, landlords and mother on the phone daily.   There will always be the good day and the bad and ugly day. If I learn to tough it out continuously, like I am up to date, I have a good feeling of my success in the future.

work, work, work

It's never ending!

Day two of my internship it was moving day. Yes... I got to be apart of this special celebration at the dogpatch lab. Only problem...? The lab hasn't been cleaned in 2 years. The mold, deathly mousetraps underneath the oven , fungus infested coffee filters, dirty what made a 2 hour job turn out to be a 4 hour job. Alas, it was not terrible because it gave me time to exercise , instead of sitting at my desk working, which was needed... and the pizza& dunkin' do noughts maybe contributed a bit to the enjoyment.

Goodbye Old Corner Desk

Process of packing

And the cleaning begings

It was also a great bonding experience. As I did not mention before, my internship takes place in a studio with several entrepreneurs each doing their own thing. I met many awesome ' New Yorker's' that day, which helped me clear my assumptions  of all New Yorker's being stuck up tight workaholics ( well they are workaholics...hello how else do they run multi million dollar business's at the age of 25 years?!)...ou! I also cleaned the kitchen... and got praises from the men... which flattered me somewhat.

The following day ( day 3)... was yet another busy day. I already learnt how to package accessories the previous day, therefore today was a day of online organizing and stock listing. I even got assigned my own category of purses to place. It may be a simple task, but sure is labor demanding and really allows you to appreciate what goes into e-commerce.

On top of that, I was assigned a trip to Soho. Picking up a few garment pieces, and delivering them to the dry cleaners ( 75$ for 8 hello?) was the cherry on top of my successful day. My intern also surprised me with a delicious red velvet white cream cheese frosting cupcake, which became very useful at my late hours of work tonight, when food supplies were running short ( thank you never ending garbage bin of a stomach).

Yes, I am too poor to afford Iphone
google map, so I took a picture of it in hopes
 of finding it useful ( it was worthless).

Tummy was happy after this
little treat.
I do hope no flue is on the way for me, as I irresponsibly wore a short skirt and light sweater on a rainy NYC fall day. Tomorrow Central Park is on the itinerary, which I hope will be emptier then usual, without all the tourists, since it's thanksgiving holidays here in the for now... a good movie and some tylenol is what I need most.


On a roll!


Goodnight and keep wishing me the best.

** hard work and determination are key in this world.

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