Sunday, November 27, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching!

Last night as I finished one of my all time favourite holiday movies "The Holiday"... I sat there in my bed... feeling different. More content with life, calm, appreciative, excited... This is what the Christmas season does to me ( and to many others I believe). It makes us feel as if nothing is wrong in the world.

How I loved the cottage
On this ever so warm sunday afternoon, I took my long overdue stroll down Central Park, and noticed something different. There were still millions of people walking along the streets, some tourists, some native New Yorkers...but what was so apparently different then the previous time I have stepped outside.

            * One day I dream like anyone else to live near Central Park*

... Everyone was smiling. There was so much joy that filled the air. Couples strolling down 5th Avenue, families enjoying a picnic on the hill, children laughing at they climbed the Alice in Wonderland tribute. This was a breath of fresh air to the usual time consumed citizens that fill the streets.

Best of all, as I got lost down a few streets, I stumbled upon 5th Avenue. It was breathtaking... and this is only the beginning. The countdown has not even began for jolly Saint Nicholas's special day to arrive. Cheerful melodies filled the streets, glimmering lights shone above my eyes as I passed a tunnel of these golden trees, unimaginably wonderful mannequins reflected at me through the windows.

Fountain of evergreens
If NYC keeps impressing me daily like this, I will never want to go back home. Only one thing was missing today... my mother and sister. Family. Nothing is as enjoyable alone in comparison to being with those you love most.

So many hotdog stands

Enjoyed the usual street-dancing 
( Take a deep breath...ok now admire each picture carefully)

These are full window examples of how they appeared


Snowflake light the streets 

As the night skies arose, it was time to head back home. As I made my way to Union Sq, there it was. The store that was being ignored for the past week. Curiosity filled my mind with what goodies might be hidden between the shelves of the 'black friday' book sale. I examined several shelves, but would not give up, because something told me I would find 'the book'....and of course 1/2 an hour later there it was. Lying on top of a few old cookbooks " Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas" has caught my eye.

I automatically knew it was right for me : 1) It was a love story 2) It contained the word " Nicholas" 3) Moving onto the fact that all of Nicholas Spark's books are located in N.C.... as was this one... it had to be good.  Plus you cannot go wrong for 1 $. I also stocked up on a few postcards for friends and family...

As I came home, I enjoyed some fresh goat cheese , grapes, and a baguette all for 7$. Overall I sat there eating my late supper completely satisfied with my day. It was more then I was expecting. I guess the best things really come when least expected.

** Note: Fresh air did help clear up my flue partially... maybe one more walk tomorrow and it will be gone?!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My love for subways...

But of course Central Park plans had to be postponed for a later date ( perhaps the weekend?)...
As excited as I was to venture to some nature, after a week of concrete...I began to get the sniffles at work late at night. I shrugged it off, hoping it would pass.

After 2 rainy days, I miss out on this sunshine.
No, it returned along with a fever. I swear there were about 6 people who sneezed right on me. On top of that who else knows what lingers around the handle bars of the subway. * note to self: hand sanitizer is a must if I want to survive in this city.

As for work...well tomorrow is my first day attending a job while sick. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I loose my "going to work ill" virginity tomorrow... and I am not proud. It will be more hectic then ever with all the packaging and pick-ups. It was something I always looked forward to doing, but never imagined when I had the opportunity to do so.. it would be with a flue.
I really miss cooking...everything in NYC is
overly salty for my preference. 

I do not complain intentionally, just in fear of how successful and enjoyable my dream day will be tomorrow due to this virus.

I will follow up tomorrow.
Night and to all you americans have a great thanksgiving

- The White Feather

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jump Start

No internship is easy. I hear that repetitively from my neighbours, landlords and mother on the phone daily.   There will always be the good day and the bad and ugly day. If I learn to tough it out continuously, like I am up to date, I have a good feeling of my success in the future.

work, work, work

It's never ending!

Day two of my internship it was moving day. Yes... I got to be apart of this special celebration at the dogpatch lab. Only problem...? The lab hasn't been cleaned in 2 years. The mold, deathly mousetraps underneath the oven , fungus infested coffee filters, dirty what made a 2 hour job turn out to be a 4 hour job. Alas, it was not terrible because it gave me time to exercise , instead of sitting at my desk working, which was needed... and the pizza& dunkin' do noughts maybe contributed a bit to the enjoyment.

Goodbye Old Corner Desk

Process of packing

And the cleaning begings

It was also a great bonding experience. As I did not mention before, my internship takes place in a studio with several entrepreneurs each doing their own thing. I met many awesome ' New Yorker's' that day, which helped me clear my assumptions  of all New Yorker's being stuck up tight workaholics ( well they are workaholics...hello how else do they run multi million dollar business's at the age of 25 years?!)...ou! I also cleaned the kitchen... and got praises from the men... which flattered me somewhat.

The following day ( day 3)... was yet another busy day. I already learnt how to package accessories the previous day, therefore today was a day of online organizing and stock listing. I even got assigned my own category of purses to place. It may be a simple task, but sure is labor demanding and really allows you to appreciate what goes into e-commerce.

On top of that, I was assigned a trip to Soho. Picking up a few garment pieces, and delivering them to the dry cleaners ( 75$ for 8 hello?) was the cherry on top of my successful day. My intern also surprised me with a delicious red velvet white cream cheese frosting cupcake, which became very useful at my late hours of work tonight, when food supplies were running short ( thank you never ending garbage bin of a stomach).

Yes, I am too poor to afford Iphone
google map, so I took a picture of it in hopes
 of finding it useful ( it was worthless).

Tummy was happy after this
little treat.
I do hope no flue is on the way for me, as I irresponsibly wore a short skirt and light sweater on a rainy NYC fall day. Tomorrow Central Park is on the itinerary, which I hope will be emptier then usual, without all the tourists, since it's thanksgiving holidays here in the for now... a good movie and some tylenol is what I need most.


On a roll!


Goodnight and keep wishing me the best.

** hard work and determination are key in this world.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

To new beginnings

First day, yet it feels like I have been living here forever. Being a small town girl never felt right in my blood. I cannot tell you how amazing it is here. My host family is so helpful and welcoming! Five minutes and I already feel like I am apart of the family.  

Brooklyn is more breath taking then I imagined it. The whole industrial look of this town inspires me to be open to new things. In comparison to Manhattan's Upper East Side, the vibe is much more hipster I would say. The usual, men in skinnies and some form of barely there t-shirt. Girls in their baggy sack hats and boho bags. It's a more laid back feel, apart from the fast life in the city.

Upon my arrival, I got lucky with not only a taxi cab, but a tour guide. It was a two for one deal I would say, but I would not except anything less for the 40$ fare. Though downtown is a distance away, I am given the gift of a beautiful view of Manhattan's skyline. The Empire State building glows of gold on this warm autumn afternoon. It simply is breathtaking. 

My host family mom took me out for my first take out at a chinese restaurant, which I will have to accustom myself to, as I was already aware that I would be doing this for most of my meals daily. It's not only cheaper then cooking one's own meal, but more exciting. It allows me to experience a variety of culinary cuisines while enjoying the neighbourhood's NYC has to offer. 
My bed & desk. Simple yet comforting. 

The very empty closet. If only I was aware
of the size I'd pack more.
Cozy kitchen

hallway to the bedrooms

mini washroom

Love the old stairways in NYC townhouses
Later we stopped by the polish grocery store, which I have been waiting for.  Here aromas fill the store of sun dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, daily homemade breads, rich cheesecakes. What's not to love? I have a feeling I will be needing to walk more then usual if I plan to fit in my jeans.

On top of having an amazing first day arrival after a traitorous bus ride, I discovered that the home I am staying at is just a few blocks away from one of the biggest production studios in NYC, where many well known shows are filmed such as '30 rock'. The street right outside the home is also known for its scenes that can be found in one of Ben Affleck's films. 

As I am far too tired today, I think a nice tea, my cosmopolitan and some sleep will be glorious, and tomorrow I will begin my adventures around town. 

If this is just the beginning, I cannot wait to see what's to come. My feet are glued to NYC and now my concern is how will I remove them and return to my home. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November Air

*Whistle* * Whistle* * Whistle*.... it is all I am hearing outside the window. Where has autumn gone? It may be leaving us behind, but many comforting things help me prepare for the cold winter season. If we were each to create a list of survival techniques of how to prepare for the cold winds to blow over our autumn air, and cover our land in white crystals ; this is what helps me most. we wait patiently for the first snowfall I have assembled a collage of things I found to sum up what this world have blessed us with. 

The boys & awkwardly loveable Jess never disappoint
a good end to a Tuesday night. 

Joining their adventures always soothes me.
....and as for Blair... well its self explanatory. 

Since my dad presented this fresh pumpkin cranberry bread
 to me stuffed with fluffy cream
cheese during a ski trip last year it's a staple to
my comfort food.

I recently discovered a sugarless version of this fall
classic.... I am ashamed to say " present this
in front of me and it will be gone within 5 min".

Bundles of wool & knit are my weakness.
What better way to enjoy a movie then a fat, wooly,
sweater & peanut butter cups?

What do you find to comfort you during these gloomy, cold days? 

And of course I cannot end this post without a few of my favourite tunes of the season :

 Broken Bells:
Stumbled on one lonely youtube night.
Now we are inseparable. 

Mylo Xyloto is their best album yet & Paradise
is on repeat settings on my Ipod.

Architecture in Helsinki:
Their fun, quirky tunes make long days do-able.