Thursday, November 24, 2011

My love for subways...

But of course Central Park plans had to be postponed for a later date ( perhaps the weekend?)...
As excited as I was to venture to some nature, after a week of concrete...I began to get the sniffles at work late at night. I shrugged it off, hoping it would pass.

After 2 rainy days, I miss out on this sunshine.
No, it returned along with a fever. I swear there were about 6 people who sneezed right on me. On top of that who else knows what lingers around the handle bars of the subway. * note to self: hand sanitizer is a must if I want to survive in this city.

As for work...well tomorrow is my first day attending a job while sick. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I loose my "going to work ill" virginity tomorrow... and I am not proud. It will be more hectic then ever with all the packaging and pick-ups. It was something I always looked forward to doing, but never imagined when I had the opportunity to do so.. it would be with a flue.
I really miss cooking...everything in NYC is
overly salty for my preference. 

I do not complain intentionally, just in fear of how successful and enjoyable my dream day will be tomorrow due to this virus.

I will follow up tomorrow.
Night and to all you americans have a great thanksgiving

- The White Feather

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