Sunday, December 9, 2012



It's been a while since I last spoke. I will try to make a habit of posting more often. 

Much has happened since my NYC internship: I began school ( I will talk about this later), spent the whole summer in Europe ( show some pictures soon!) , had several jobs & learnt about my food allergies ( slowly).

But most importantly: began to learn who I am & embracing it.

I used to think life was all about clothes, fashion, money - never popularity surprisingly. Of course I loved other things such as the outdoors and living an active lifestyle...but growing up I think all of us had that guilty phase we surpassed [ read: hopefully] through our teen years.

I have.

Sure there are still times I look in the mirror and hate what I see...but have learnt to get over it a few minutes later and move on with my life. THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST THING TO HAVE HAPPENED TO ME!

I honestly stopped caring what people think about me. I realized finally that I will NEVER please everyone. I can only please myself and hey, if I'm happy that is what counts at the end of the day.

I also took an approach on a simpler lifestyle...referring to a non-consumer driven lifestyle:

  1.  Gave away almost all my new clothes I worked my butt off to buy for my new school year to my younger sister. 
  2. Gave away my new Iphone in exchange for a " ancient" Blackberry ( I don't want a cell in general- but I guess it's a safety device to have for late night walks in the big city). 
  3.  Threw away almost all my things in the bedroom ( apart from a mattress, blankets, computer, mirror, books and hygienic utensils. 
They may not seem drastic, but it's small things like these that give me a happier life.  Of course I still love music and movies and dressing up for a party- but if I had to, I could live out of a suitcase for the rest of my life ( not as a dirty hippie, but as a casual/ non- fancy looking girl) . I guess you sort of have to learn to if you love to travel like me- on a tight budget where your suitcase/backpack is your hotel and your legs are your car.  What I am saying is that of course I love THINGS that life gives, but I prefer a life where THINGS don't define my happiness. It is my MINDSET and OUTLOOK on life that defines it. 

        "you can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one"

With my previous years I have been through lots of tough situations from divorce to sickness to depression. I have seen it all and it pushed me more then ever to be the change  in my life. I did not have to let these things bring my life down, nor will I let them or anyone or anything anymore. This is my promise to myself - for the best. 

And with my allergies ( not diagnosed by doctors but by myself) I am following a Gluten Free diet and somewhat Dairy Free ( I know I have lactose intolerance but believe eggs/lactose-free milk still cause problems and maybe even cheese...I am working on finding out).  I will talk about this soon too- so keep up to date ! 

Anyways I am so excited to be back to the blogging community & to enjoy my holidays!

What are your opinions of living a simple life? Can you live one....what can you not live without? 

- Nicole

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