Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet Sweet Sex & The City

Good food, good movies and loved ones is what makes a perfect weeknight ( well weekday in my books). 

In celebration of my current Francais obsession, I have embraced the French simplicity of life in the form of deserts: Tart Tartin anyone? 

It was my first time making it, with the use of pre-made philly-dough ( note to self: Never go for pre-made...fresh is always best). Although the recipe specifically called for proper pans, I opted for the low-end oven dish I had left ( that I have yet to burn) which resulted in caramel-free apples. All turned out well except my naked apples left their friend 'mr.caramel' stuck to the pan.

All in all my simple French desert was no disappointment for my mother and I, as we sat on the cold, windy evening in her bed cuddled watching Pride & Prejudice, followed by another night of Carrie Bradshaw.

While enjoying our fresh treat with a scoop of double chocolate fudge ( note to self: Mr.Ice Cream is your enemy) and Pecan ice cream and the perfect flicks I realized that simplicity is what makes life enjoyable. When you can just get away from the hectic driven world and live in the moment. No wonder the French follow by the " Joie de vivre"....as do the Spanish "Viva la Vida"....and Italians "La Dolce Vita"...hmm this has got me wondering what do the Euro's have that us Canadians are missing? I believe that is one of my next goals in life to one day discover...hopefully in the not to far future.

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