Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh julia childs....

After a well deserved afternoon stroll down by the lake I headed back home to realize I have no movie to watch before I hit the sheets. As I entered my public library I browsed through the movie section without too much excitement as the same old titles glared back at me...*sigh*....Until I luckily stumbled upon a movie I was meaning to borrow for quite a while now: " Julie & Julia".

This may be shocking but I always heard of Julia Childs, just never knew who she truly was. Like many women I believe she became an all time classic in America because we can relate to her. She was fun, witty, and loved food ( not to mention many of us envy her marriage...I myself am too young but if I ever get a guy like oh life will be complete). 

The fact her book was based off french cuisine was a coincidence as for the past year I have had a obsession with the art of gastronomic cuisine. This has only furthered my interest to whip something up today in honour of the french... let's see what my bank account will allow in my kitchen. 

I will update with my findings at the end of the night .  

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