Monday, December 10, 2012

This time..calls for HAPPINESS!

What happened to the " most wonderful time of the year" concept?

Everywhere I have been going or anyone I spoke to only complains about winter....I get it: more rainy/snowy/slushy/cold/ dark days vs. warm/sunny/ flower filled air days.

It's just weather, in the end its what YOU make out of the day. I want to share some of my tips to not feel ' under the weather' during this beautiful season- I am not saying this just because I am a December baby, I actually love it because of the endless memories and things it brings.

Things I do to stay cheery during the icy season: 

  1.  Wake up and do a few 'good morning' stretches. [ reach as high to the sky as you can on your tippie-toes, and bend from side to side. ] 
  2.  Start the morning with a warm cup of tea or warm water with lemon & honey. 
  3.  Make sure to eat lots of veggies ( variety of colours everyday)  & stay hydrated even if you don't feel like it in the cold. Your body & skin will thank you later !
  4.  Listen to my favourite playlists on [ recently discovered holy grail to put me in a cheery mood even during exam week] 
  5.  Get moving...outside! With the lack of sunshine ( I know its hiding behind the clouds & UV rays are still something to consider), it's important to not lock yourself in your home even if its cold. We are lucky enough to have discovered waterproof boots/ mittens/ hats/ scarves & puffy coats - so no excuses.  
  6.  Watch some holiday movies ( I will later post my favourites...!!) 
  7.  Go to a local christmas tree farm [ no need to buy a tree] to hang out & smell the pine trees ( Hey we all do it...and love it!) , grab some fresh apple cider, and perhaps they even have tobogganing hills & horse rides at your local farm. 
  8.  Christmas markets...more and more towns have them & they are a free, fun way to put you in a happy mood!
  9.  Get enough sleep of course! I hate sleeping and wasting my day but I know running on 4 hours is bad in the long run for my skin, health, and productivity in anything. Get in the habit to sleep at least 7-8 hours of sleep.  
  10.  Indulge in the holiday hot cocoa & sugar cookies ( REMEMBER: moderation is key to a happy life) . 
  11.'s the season of giving and you most likely have some free why not do something good for others. I love doing things for others and only expect happiness in return...that is the best gift I can get any day. 
  12. Try a new sport  ( okay this is a tip for # 5 ) : I love to ski downhill & cross country but have always wanted to snowboard so will try it out this year. I love challenges and I am sure you will too! 
  13. Or relive your old childhood memories: make snow forts with friends & have a fight, snow angels are never boring, skating/ learning to skate,  or snow cones...snow is so versatile- use it while its here. 

There you have my list of things I do to keep me happy during this cold/ dark season ( in my opinion one of the most beautiful seasons apart form Fall. ) 

What do you enjoy during winter?  Any tips to add to the list - I'd love to hear! 

- Nicole 

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