Monday, May 20, 2013

The lost page.

Ever get so into a book that you are reading....and suddenly the next page is gone. How are you to know what happens next?! Everything is wrong. All wrong.

That is my life.

I graduated with great marks. Had a mix plan. Went to school to pursue it. Hated it. Dropped out. Traveled. Interned. Went to school again. Dropped out.  Now trying to chase a small dream. Questioning if this dream is what I am meant to do.

You see, most of you will say I know I was meant to do something great.  Well, I know I am meant to do something great ...It is not just a lingering thought. Its a FACT- the question is what.

This is my relation of the book and missing page. I really wish I could just find my call instead of sitting within my tiny 1 bdrm apartment which I currently share with my mother, and type it out. Useless time management.

At almost 20,  life is slipping by quickly. People are in school, people are performing, people are creating. Sure they don't have it easy...but at least they are doing something they ( at least 50% of them) somewhat love. Me on the other hand... juggling min. wage positions and just day dreaming of a life I wish I had.

"SITTING AROUND GETS YOU NOWHERE YA BUM! " ....  trust me I know that.  Though it may seem as though I am doing the exact statement I can assure you I have a small plan.

This plan I hope will fill a drop of 1 % 'on the path' in my empty jar of life.

I am not very pretty , or super bright but I am rather strong and rather persistent on not giving up.

I want to do what I love so when I die I can honestly smile and be proud of myself- even if its in the next year.

Here is to my first step of taking the hard route tomorrow May 21 2013.


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